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Affordable Day Programs and Services for Adults with Special Needs

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Pickle 2

Pickle Play Facts:
- Teams (2 picklers) will pay $80 to register.
- Registration includes tournament play, pizza, and a chance to win the first place prize.
- This tournament is BYOP+P (Bring your own paddles and pickles).
- Spectators are encouraged and can pay $15 at the door for pizza and pickle viewing.
- All players must register and pay by April 25th to participate.
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Exceptional Need

Children with special needs are supported by early intervention and the public school system. But once they turn 22, these young adults age out of their school programs and find themselves without these support systems.


80% of students who have aged out do not find affordable and accessible programs to replace their social and recreational needs.

Exceptional Support

Achieves better health through proper nutrition and fitness activities

Provides community to help prevent depression and isolation

Gives a sense of purpose through volunteering and service

Spreads community awareness and prevents marginalization

Promotes self-advocacy skills for dignity and respect

Our Impact

How EF supports our young adults

hours per year of social, recreational and community service activities
families in the Atlanta area that are currently being served by our day progams
of families in our day programs for special needs adults receive partial scholarships

Exceptional Testimonials

“My daughter had given up on everything, thinking no one cared. She has now turned a 180! She absolutely loves the program and it has really helped her. It reminded her that it is permissible to express one’s self, within a safe setting.”

“Aging out is scary. Not knowing how my son was going to fill his days, how I could continue working, and how we would pay for whatever programs we could find, it was a revelation to learn about The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta. Programming is created and implemented by special needs teachers, the atmosphere is fun and friendly, my son can continue to develop skills, and he has a reason to get up in the morning.”

“The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta is exactly what I was wanting for my daughter. What appealed to us was the small size, the description of the program, and the fact that the leaders are retired special ed teachers. My daughter is 38 years old and no other place she has attended can compare. The clients all get along so well with each other. There is always a happy feeling in the place, I really appreciate how the staff are so open and friendly. I feel comfortable leaving my daughter in their care.”

“My daughter has a traumatic brain injury. She was in a coma and in the hospital for months and has balance problems and short-term memory issues, frustration and seizures. The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta has given my daughter new friends, a social life, community activities, and a purpose to get up in the morning. She feels useful and happy to be with others dealing with like issues.”

“My son is the friendliest person I have ever met. He loves to be around people. It broke my heart when he aged out of school and had nowhere to go. He sat home usually alone and played on his phone or watched tv. He needs to be around people and needed a new purpose. The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta gives these special adults a new meaning and friendship back to them.”

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