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Meet some of the people that help make our organization exceptional. 

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Beth Malanoski, Executive Director

When the opportunity to become Executive Director at The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta came about, Beth knew it was a chance to bring together her skills and experience with a cause deeply rooted in her life. Beth and her husband have three children. John, their middle child, and heart of the family, has autism and recently aged out of public schools at age 22. Beth and her family are living the aging out experience that EFAtl seeks to remedy.

Beth has 35 years of corporate and non-profit experience building communities, connecting people with available resources, and developing and implementing programs and events. Most recently, she was the Director of Calvin Cove Adult Respite Care, a day program for fragile elderly, and a place where members of EFAtl volunteer.

Susan Keeney, Program Director and Co-Founder

Susan was a special education teacher for 22 years in Gwinnett County Public Schools. She spent 17 years teaching in elementary school special education classrooms and four years teaching life skills to post-high school young adults. Susan received her undergrad from the University of Georgia and later a Master’s from Grand Canyon University. Outside of work, Susan loves to spend time with her family, traveling, and participating in volunteer activities such as Grayson Athletic Association Special Populations program, leading a Special Needs ministry at 12 Stone Church, and serving as a Girl Scout leader.


Our Board

Craig Camuso President

Regional Vice President


Chris Carter

Founding Partner

Vantage Realty Partners

John Dickson


Henssler CPAs & Advisers, LLC

Lauren Marks,      Co-Founder     

Transition Coordinator

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Marian Mason

Regional Vice President

US Tech Solutions

Ryan Miller

Senior Project Manager

Brasfield & Gorrie

Raj Nichani


The RMN Agency

Mark Smith, Founding Chairman

Founding Partner

Vantage Point Advisory, Inc.

TJ Willings

Finance Chair

The Exceptional Foundation Birmingham

Tricia Kirk


The Exceptional Foundation Birmingham


Lauren Marks, Susan Keeney, and Renee Smith
Lauren Marks, Susan Keeney, and Renee Smith

The heart, mind and will of God came together when we took a leap of faith to partner with the Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta and create a day program for adults with disabilities. We believe God began to work in us long before we could see the path that stands before us so clearly now. All of our individual paths of work, volunteerism, compassion, and commitment to adults with disabilities were shaping us for a future together. We are forever friends, co-workers and women of faith who have come together to work with some of the best people on earth, adults with disabilities.

As special needs educators, we have heard too many disheartening stories of young adults leaving the school system at the age of 22 with no real plan for a greater future”. Our former students deserve a life worth living, including all the facets we think of when considering the quality of our own lives.

Adults with disabilities have so much to offer others. We are here to show the world their talents, their hearts and their compassion for all people. We teach them, but we also learn from them. Our goal, for the community at large, is to open their minds and hearts to the life lessons that can be learned from our differently-abled” special needs young adults.